The István Hatvani Theological Research Center known in Hungarian as (HITEK) was established in 1993 in order to explore the relationship between theology and the exact sciences. It was founded by Professor Dr. Botond Gaál who created the Statutes of the Center laying down the principles upon which it was to function. To assist in its establishment Professor Gaál has contributed some four hundred books for its reference library. Since 1993 several scientists donated books and contributed their works to the library. Today, we are pleased to announce, it has more than one thousand volumes along the line of interdisciplinary subjects. This special collection of books contains many uniques and it can be used properly to explore the topics mentioned above and the life-work of such as James Clerk Maxwell, Karl Barth, Mihály Polányi, Thomas F. Torrance, Stanley L. Jaki and many others. It is also available for research for students interested in interdisciplinary encounter. The library, as the consequence of its serious scientific and theological purpose, now hosts books and periodicals that are hard to find, or not even available in other libraries in Hungary, such as Zygon, Perspective of Science and Christian Faith, Theology Today, Theology and Science, Glaube und Denken, and the conference-series of the Center called Tudomány és Teológia (Science and Theology). The researcher will also find the collected materials on science and theology published in Hungarian.

It is with great pleasure we offer the fascilities of this unique library at the disposal of scientists and theologians alike. The Library is also pleased to announce that it was the recipient of a grant from the International Society for Science and Religion in 2011. As the result of this grant, we were able to acquire 224 books and periodicals that are now housed in the Library of István Hatvani Theological Research Center. Many of these published materials, most of it in English, can only be found in the HITEK Library. In fact, the majority of them are unique in the sense of availability in Hungary.

Individuals who are interested in doing research may contact Professor Dr. Botond Gaál, loaning of books or other periodicals, or reading the material at the library can be arranged via email, by contacting Associate Professor Dr. Ábrahám Kovács who will be glad to assist.

The HITEK library is organized along the lines of the Corvina-system. We trust and hope that you will be pleased to persue our library as well, and you’ll find our website helpful.

Let us once again welcome you in the